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Bustin’ Chops is available worldwide! Click on the Amazon Instant Video image to rent or buy Bustin’ Chops on Amazon.Amazon-Instant-Video

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North America watch Bustin Chops free online at tubitv.com

North America watch Bustin Chops free online at tubitv.com Just click on the tubitv.com logo and watch Africa’s biggest stunt film online free.

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Watch Bustin Chops online in Australia and New Zealand

Do you have family and friends living in Australia or New Zealand?
Good news they can now enjoy South African entertainment from OnS TV visit the OnsTV website or download the app from Google play store and get started now!










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“Bustin Chops” Goes to China

For Immediate Release                                   Contact: Maria Collis 818-645-8924



AFM’s “Bustin Chops” Goes to China

South African Stunt Movie Sold to China VOD


November 17, 2013, Los Angeles, CA — Leomark Studios has closed a deal with JY Entertainment of Beijing for VOD rights to the South African hit movie Bustin Chops. The action comedy, which recently sold to TV and VOD in its home country for six figures, screened at last week’s American Film Market in Santa Monica.

“We have several other deals in the works, but China is our first sale,” says Leomark Studios CEO Erik Lundmark, international sales agent for the film. “It’s being released under a new name in China, where the Johnny Knoxville films are well known.”

“We really admire the Jackass movies and are honored by the comparison,” says Eugene Koekemoer, star of the long-running South African stunt series “AF” and “Mullets,” who directed and produced Bustin Chops with Danie Barnard. “In fact,” says Barnard, “We’d love to do a Jackass-Bustin Chops co-production.”

Koekemoer and Barnard, who flew in from South Africa to promote the film, were seen at AFM parties in their signature Bustin Chops T-shirts, where they opened beer bottles with their teeth and entertained guests with tales of making Bustin Chops, which included street protests, alligator bites, and going airborne on a rubber raft pulled by a Jet Ski®.

For more information on Bustin Chops, contact Leomark Studios at info@leomarkstudios.com or 818-645-8922.

Bustin Chops Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0NLwAIpPdA

Bustin Chops on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BustinChopsTheMovie

Bustin Chops onTwitter: @BustinChopMovie

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Bustin’ Chops pre-selected for the Temple of Heaven awards competition at the Beijing Film Fest in 2014

It’s official!! Bustin Chops has been pre-selected for the Temple of Heaven awards competition at the Beijing Film Fest in 2014! China here we come.

Click on the image for more info on the Beijing Film Fest.

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Bustin Chops at AFM in November

We are proud to announce that international rights will be on sale at the AFM in November in Santa Monica California! Click HERE for more info.

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South African DVD release date will be announced soon!

Bustin’ Chops fan’s the DVD will go on sale soon in South Africa with deleted scenes and bonus footage.  Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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Bustin’ Chops The Movie EPK [online]

Behind the scenes  look at Bustin Chops The Movie

Interviews with the cast of Bustin Chops




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Jack Parow on Bustin Chops The Movie

Jack Parow on Bustin Chops

Eugene Koekemoer Jack Parow and Danie Barnard

The makers of Bustin Chops The Movie Eugene Koekemoer and Danie Barnard with rapper Jack Parow.

South African rap superstar Jack Parow convinced the makers of “Bustin Chops The Movie” Danie Barnard and Eugene Koekemoer  for a sneak preview. Check what Mr Parow thinks of Bustin Chops.




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Crash Car Burn on Bustin Chops The Movie

CrashCarBurn on Bustin’ Chops The Movie

Our awesome new friends Crash Car Burn convinced us for a sneak preview of  “Bustin Chops The Movie” check their reaction!






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