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The movie starts 5 years after stuntman Eugene Koekemoer and his crew of misfit stuntmen left the world of fame with their Stunt TV shows and started to work regular 9 to 5 jobs. Everybody seems to be doing well except Eugene, so he devises a way to get his whole crew back to follow him one more time on the road to fame. It doesn’t end there, Eugene’s plan is to make a STUNT movie and show it to Steven Spielberg when he visits South Africa.

Follow Eugene and his crew on a journey of blood, pain, and sorrow, as he attempts to pull of the biggest con in history.

Behind scenes info cast and crew comments

Including planning, the entire project took 2 years to complete. Eugene Koekemoer (Loveless Entertainment) and Danie Barnard (Bake Media) formed a collaboration to make the feature; they both directed and produced the entire movie.


Quotes and quirks from cast and crew:

Louis decided to wear the same suit from the start to end of the movie, and actually pulled it off.

Louis’s favourite quote: I hate you Paul!

Wikus spent a week on the stoep of a house, and got the nickname STOEPIE, favourite quote: Has anyone seen my pants?

Jaco slept most of the time while we filmed and only woke up to do his stunts, his favourite quote: Leave me the f… alone, I’m sleeping.

Paul, the oldest of the cast (38 years) couldn’t stop moaning for 1 minute, and had the entire crew tattoo their names on his ass, favourite quote: I’m to old for this shit, I don’t want to do this.

Danie was pranked(we have our suspicions it was Paul) and drank a bottle of beer full of urine, his favourite quote: Come on guys, we need some cut away shots!

Eugene had the job to test out the stunts and encourage the boys to do them.  One night he super glued an entire coin collection to Louis foot while he was sleeping. Favourite quote:Doenit net! Chicks dig scars!

Dono was the new kid on the block, and spent a night in hospital with collapsed lungs. His favourite quote with a face full of pepper spray was: Did we get the shot?

Bustin’ Chops The Movie official trailer:


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  2. Arthur Bacchus says:

    Yoh sounds like you guys had an awesome time during production!
    All the best for the movie :)

  3. Adrian Galley (@ACGalley) says:

    I don’t see you guys on IMDB – whats up with that?

  4. AMANDA says:

    yoh looking forward to watching the movie!!

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    This seems to be the steps for listing a movie on IMDB:

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